BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION  contains a Folio of building designs with the Floor plans and Perspective Views of each project.
This book discusses the procedures generally followed by architectural, engineering and construction industry professionals in planning, designing and drafting of the construction drawings and preparation of the contract documents for proposed building projects. It also contains plans and drawings that include the details of construction for a Two- Storey residence, complete with the plumbing plans, electrical layouts, designs of kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, schedule of doors and windows, construction specifications, among others. It also contains the easy to follow instructions on how to analyze and compute the structural design of critical building parts such as: reinforced concrete slabs, beams, columns, and footings. There are also sample designs and floor plans for a variety of building types to be found in this book.
BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION discusses the generally followed practices in designing and preparing building plans.
• The Preparation of Building Plans and Related Documents
• Team Players in the Planning and Construction of a Project
• Discussing the Project Requirements with the Owners
• Engineers and Consultants Required in Preparing Building Plans
• Lot Plan and Location Map of the Project Site
• Inspection of the Project Site
• Preparation of the Preliminary Studies
• Drafting the Final Working Drawings
• Making a Rough Estimate of the Project
• Planning the Electrical Installation
This book also contains the working drawings of a Two-Storey Residence that show:
• Architectural plans and detail drawings
• Structural design details with computations
• Details of windows and doors
• Design of Kitchen cabinets and closets
• Plumbing plans and piping diagrams
• Electrical plans with load computations
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