Letter to the Deans

We are pleased to present our books: ESTIMATING BILL OF MATERIALS, and BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION. While there are other books in the market devoted to discussing the subjects on how to go about planning, designing, estimating and preparing the construction plans and related documents required for proposed projects , we invite you to read  our two bestselling architectural and engineering publications and see the difference.

We hope that you will find these valuable books worthy additions to your library : for use of your staff in their planning, designing, estimating and related works; as supplementary/ reference books for your architecture and engineering teaching staff, students, and pre-board exam reviewers. Also To mold your students into well-rounded, fully trained and skilled Designers, Planners and Builders, you need to impart all the relevant knowledge and equip them with best tools to help them become highly competent and competitive - locally and globally - in their chosen profession.
Among important tasks your aspiring Architects and Engineers must perform is to estimate materials required for the construction projects they will undertake. Scan the Help Wanted ads and you will see that employers looking for Architects or Civil Engineers expect applicants to also know how to estimate. Therefore, training your students how to accomplish this phase of their job should ideally be a part of your excellent teaching program.
ESTIMATING BILL OF MATERIALS would be your best tool for teaching and developing the ability of your students to estimate construction projects and materials. This high-quality book is widely used by Architects, Civil Engineers, Contractors; as well as Architecture and Civil Engineering students and pre-board exam reviewers. It contains easy-to-understand instructions on how to compute the different materials required for wood, reinforced concrete and steel constructions, plumbing, painting, etc. It features detailed plans and construction drawings - to serve as reference for your students in their planning, designing, estimating and research works - not only while studying in your college, but also when they are already practicing their profession.
ESTIMATING BILL OF MATERIALS is sold P620.00 per copy nationwide by the National Books Store, Merriam & Webster Book Store and other book distributors. To make it affordable, your students will pay only P495.00 per book for group purchase for at least 10 copies You will therefore be saving for them P125.00 per book.
BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION would be of great help to your students by providing them valuable practical knowledge in designing and planning to supplement the valuable lessons you are imparting to them the classroom. The regular price is P550.00 per copy but your students get it for P450.00 per book on group purchase.
We hope that you will find it adaptable as supplementary reference or textbook  in your curriculum for Architecture and Engineering students.
Thank you and God Bless,
Engineer III, National Statistics Office (Ret.)
Member: Philippine Institute of Architects
Alumnus: UST Collage or Architecture & Fine Arts

418 - 420 Bacood St.,
1016 Sta Mesa Manila, Philippines
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